Bill Halter, CEO of Scenic Hill Solar, has led business and government organizations in Arkansas and Washington, DC having served as Lieutenant Governor of Arkansas, Chief Operating Officer of the Social Security Administration, in the White House Budget Office, as a Trustee of Stanford University and on the Board of Directors of twelve technology companies (five of which were public companies with a market capitalization of over $20 billion).

Eddy Moore, who leads Regulatory and Rate Analysis, has 15 years of experience in public utility regulation across the United States. Eddy helped pass solar energy legislation in California, served as an advisor to the Arkansas Public Service Commission, and directs a non-profit Energy and Climate Program in South Carolina. Eddy has deep expertise in numerous regulatory decisions regarding solar energy, energy efficiency, and public utility ratemaking.

Jason Keyes, our General Counsel, is co-founder of the leading law firm for the distributed generation industry, Keyes and Fox. Jason has worked with thirty state utility commissions over the past decade to further and shape the essential rules that make solar energy feasible. Prior to his legal career, Jason was a corporate planner at a large electric utility and spent eight years at a solar energy company managing large federal government contracts.