Scenic Hill Solar works with businesses to provide them solar power.

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Scenic Hill Solar works with utilities to provide them with the benefits of solar power.

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Public Sector

Non-profit organizations, government facilities, municipalities, schools, colleges and universities, and water districts are ideal candidates for solar power.

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Scenic Hill Solar partners with other developers to provide solar power solutions.

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Scenic Hill Solar works with landowners to buy or lease land for our solar power plants.

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Scenic Hill Solar develops, builds, owns, and operates solar power projects across the United States.

We provide turnkey delivery of innovative solar power projects to businesses, utilities, non-profit, and public sector organizations. Each project is customized for the unique needs of our clients. Our clients benefit from:

  • Reduced electricity costs,
  • Long term predictability of power costs,
  • Protection from rate increases, and
  • Clean energy.

Communities where our power plants are located benefit from:

  • Jobs
  • Economic development
  • Higher tax base
  • Clean energy production