Arkwest Communications to Build Solar Power Plant in Danville, Arkansas Telecommunications Leader Continues to Innovate with Renewable Energy Source

Arkwest Communications, Inc., of Danville, AR, today announced that site preparation has begun on 5.98 acres located on the Burrows Site, at 800 W Hwy 10 in Danville for the construction and operation of a 450 kW DC solar photovoltaic power plant. This solar power plant will produce 675,000 kWh of electricity in its first year of operation and over 18.7 million kWh over a 30-year period. Arkwest, has contracted with Scenic Hill Solar, LLC and its construction subsidiary, Sun Hog Solar, LLC of Little Rock, AR to construct the system. Tom May, Plant Manager for Arkwest stated the company hopes the plant will be operational by the end of 2018 with the precise timing dependent on the timing of approval by the Arkansas Public Service Commission.

Tom May said, “Arkwest is proud to utilize this state of the art renewable energy through the rapidly growing solar power industry. The solar power produced from the plant will directly protect the environment by reducing carbon emissions, reducing pollutants, and lowering water consumption. Arkwest is committed to being a good steward of our community and our natural resources.” The 30-year power generation from the solar power plant is equivalent to removing 13,940 metric tons of carbon emissions from the atmosphere. According to the EPA this is the equivalent of removing over 34 million miles driven by an average passenger car, or providing over 2,000 homes electricity for one year, or planting over 361,000 tree seedlings.

Bill Halter, CEO of Scenic Hill Solar, stated “We are proud to work with Arkwest Communications to construct a world-class solar power plant in Danville. Arkwest will simultaneously reduce its electricity costs, further contribute to the Danville local economy, and improve the environment through renewable energy. We commend the forward-looking leadership of Arkwest Communications.”

“Arkwest is excited at the prospect of joining the ever-growing hosts of green power. We will provide additional updates as the plant construction progresses,” stated Mr. May.